The Importance of Monitoring

Businesses can cut costs and boost productivity by monitoring the condition of their operational assets.

That’s because a machine’s signals (including vibrations, acoustics, etc.) contain information about its status and health. SmartEdge listens and decodes those signals, helping you better measure an asset’s utilisation, understand how it’s being operated, and even anticipate and avoid upcoming failures. This means reducing downtime, cutting maintenance costs and boosting output — all important for improving your bottom line.

The Flicq Difference

Cloud monitoring solutions can be powerful tools, but they aren’t the right fit in every case. Why is that?

It’s because cloud solutions require enormous amounts of data to be transmitted to the cloud for processing. This means sensors need to be connected to a low-cost, high-bandwidth network.

In remote areas where these don’t exist, the upfront costs (Capex) of installing a private network are too high. Meanwhile, using an existing cellular network is possible, but the high data volumes result in exorbitant transmission costs (Opex).

As a result, many assets are left unmonitored.

But SmartEdge solves the problem of excessive costs. By using intelligent sensors with embedded algorithms, SmartEdge sensors convert gigabytes of raw asset data into just a couple bytes of meaningful insights, ready for transmission on any network.

No more outsized CapEx to set up the infrastructure.

No more budget-draining OpEx to transmit huge data volumes.

Get more out of your assets with a tiny box

The SmartEdge smart sensor is dust and water-proof and fits in the palm of your hand.