The Flicq Difference

Cloud analytics can be a powerful tool, but it’s not the right fit for every business. Why?

Because these solutions require sensors to transmit enormous amounts of data to the cloud for processing to extract insights.

Coud analytics requires low-cost, high-bandwidth connectivity. In remote areas where this isn’t available, the upfront investment to install the necessary network infrastructure is too high. Meanwhile, monitoring using cellular, or even satellite, connectivity is possible but the costs of transmitting such large data volumes makes doing so prohibitive. As a result, many assets are left unmonitored.

The Flicq Difference

This diagram shows the difference between commonplace, cloud-centric analytics solutions and SmartEdge. Owning and operating a cloud solution involves high upfront costs or high operational costs as sensors transmit large amounts of raw data to the cloud. SmartEdge processes all the data at the edge, meaning the solution consumes a fraction of the bandwidth and is much more affordable — even in remote areas.

SmartEdge solves the problem of excessive costs by putting the intelligence at the edge. This means our sensors can record and process gigabytes of asset data and turn that into bytes of meaningful insights for transmission.

No more outsized CapEx to set up the infrastructure. No more budget-draining OpEx to transmit huge data volumes.

Insights in a Box: What’s Inside?

The SmartEdge hardware consists of a 50mm x 50mm, dust and water-proof enclosure containing 4 modules: