What We Do

FLICQ provides the simplest way for companies to monitor their assets in real-time.


Full suite of customizable sensors and connectivity options to gather mission critical data from assets.


Algorithms and analytics to process the sensor data in real-time.


Timely alerts and insights to allow operators to run and maintain assets more efficiently.

Solution Outline

FLICQ customizes an integrated sensor solution for you using its range of sensors - providing sensors, gateways to transmit data, algorithm development, cloud hosting and visualization as required.

The sensors and infrastructure are easy to install, as they do not require wiring, and start collecting and transmitting data almost immediately.

Once data has been processed to establish a baseline - for example a vibration profile - FLICQ’s system can issue alerts if the condition of the equipment varies from what is expected and can calculate the probability of failure.

This allows clients to implement true real time condition monitoring and predictive, condition based maintenance capabilities.

Sensor data is accessible through FLICQ’s cloud platform or can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure and systems as required. Cloud hosted information can be accessed from any device with access to the internet.