FLICQ Real-Time Monitoring System

FLICQ combines smart sensors, connectivity and analytics into an integrated real-time monitoring system.

Smart Sensors

Environment Sensors

FL-01: Barometric Pressure Sensor

FL-02: Light Sensor

FL-03: Ambient Temperature Sensor

FL-04: Relative Humidity Sensor

FL-12: Air Quality/Particulate Matter Sensor

FL-14: Infrared (IR) Temperature Sensor

FL-17: Multifunction Environment Sensor

Acoustic Sensors

FL-06: Omnidirectional Microphone

FL-07: Ultrasonic Sensor

Complex Application Sensors

FL-05: Magnetic Field Sensor

FL-10: Location/GPS Sensor

FL-11: Camera

FL-13: Water Leak Sensor

FL-15: Multifunction Sensor

FL-16: Current/Power Sensor

Movement Sensors

FL-08: 9-axis Vibration Sensor

FL-09: 3D Motion Sensor

Connectivity and Analytics

Wireless Interfaces

Bluetooth LE


Cellular 3G/4G



Predictive Analytics Engine

Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms


Web-based Visualization Software

Android and iOS Mobile App

Alerts - Text, Mobile Notifications and Email