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Flicq at the Ministry of Data Hackathon

Karthik, Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend of the 25th of August at Perth's Ministry of Data Hackathon. Teams were tasked with coming up with solutions to a set of 'difficult' problems set by WA's Main Roads and Water Corporation. It was great to see so many WA based entrepreneurs innovating in AI, Big Data and cutting edge analytics participating in this well run event.

Flicq chose to attack a Water Corporation problem around condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for pumps, pipes and other assets across the 18,000 km of water infrastructure in WA. Our solution involved the use of low cost smart sensors combined with machine learning to give active real time monitoring, failure probability and the optimisation of maintenance activities. Over the weekend we created an interactive dashboard and text alert and were able to demonstrate a sensor predicting a failure live during our presentation.

Although Flicq's solution didn't win the grand prize (well done Perth Machine Learning Group -PMLG) the solution was widely praised and there will be follow up meetings to discuss the Flicq solution in more depth. We are equally pleased that we are now engaged with a number of new potential collaborative partners with complementary skill sets, including PMLG, and are more firmly established in Perth's vibrant start-up community.