Insights gathered by FLICQ Smart Sensors are used to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and develop new business models.
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Keep tabs on remote assets by getting real-time updates and use the data to take preemptive actions. Provide operators, experts and management with visibility into operating conditions so that they know what to expect before traveling to remote locations.

Remote monitoring poses several technical challenges that cannot be addressed by traditional IIoT solutions and architectures. FLICQ smart sensors not only collect data from assets, but also filter, process and analyze data to minimize the amount of data transferred back to the cloud or legacy systems.

The FLICQ architecture uses less bandwidth and is more efficient than traditional IIoT solutions. With a multi-year battery life and support for a range of wireless protocols, FLICQ provides the most comprehensive remote monitoring platform in the market.

Reduce monitoring costs and increase visibility with FLICQ.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring

Understand performance of assets without having to shut them down. Replicate the senses of a trained operator 24/7.

Condition monitoring involves collecting data, analyzing trends and comparing results with known models and historical information. The FLICQ solution is designed to make condition monitoring really simple to implement. With no infrastructure to set up and no wires to worry about, ubiquitous condition monitoring is finally possible.

The FLICQ smart sensors are capable of running algorithms and analytics independently. An asset's performance history and operational parameters can be embedded into the devices. The system analyzes data in real time obviating the need for post-processing.

Monitor the health of your critical assets in real time with FLICQ.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Know when critical assets are going to fail. Reduce maintenance costs by moving from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Instead of running an asset to failure, or relying on a standard maintenance protocol and replacing an asset too early, operators can monitor specific performance thresholds to know when an asset, or a part, must be replaced.

With the ability to run remote diagnostics autonomously, the FLICQ Smart Sensors are capable of applying complex maintenance algorithms to determine whether an asset is performing to specification. FLICQ's adaptive learning algorithms are capable of improving their precision over time and get better at predicting outcomes the longer the sensors are attached to an asset.

Increase uptime and improve operational efficiency with FLICQ.

Process Improvement
Process Improvement

Move beyond simply gathering information about critical assets. Use real-time information to discern insights about operations and processes.

In addition to providing real-time data regarding the health of an asset, information from FLICQ Smart Sensors can be used to extract second-order insights. For instance, data from two different assets can be compared to determine relative performance. Such information can help operators improve the overall efficiency and productivity of their operation.

Operator behavior, production quality and energy consumption are some of the types of insights that can now be extracted from collating the data from different sensors. FLICQ's analytics engine, combined with real-time algorithms running on FLICQ Smart Sensors, make this possible.

Strategy, not just tactics, with FLICQ.